Give us a decent device at last !!!

This is a cry out loud to all the gadget manufacturers !!! (therefore in english)

What i hate is that there is a potential for a decent device finally and nobody anymore cares enough about customers to make one.

There are (were?) big players in the market Palm, Nokia, Apple.

Palm for some reason decided that 2003 was the best year ever and since then stopped developing at all - "Let's just make the same shit over and over again", said Mr.Colligan.
I was a big fan of Treo's since 180g, but recently after Palm released the 500v version i finally gave up - there is no hope for the dead horse. And their Centro just came out screeeeaaaming to the top of it's lungs "I AM SO 2003 !!!"

Nokia when will you finally get that 60MBs is feeeble, and that 2GB card is no helper at all. I love my 770 internet tablet, - i can read RSS, browse web, download apps from my beloved and later on get them via FTP to my MacbookPro, listen to (even ACC+) streams and mp3s, watch videos (for best performance converted via, BUT it's stuck to my bedside - it's usable only if i can connect (via shellscript - read: butt) to my huge samba shares. Only two things would make it usable outside my house - a decent storage space - say 40GB - and a possibility to connect my camera to clean up SD after a long day trip.

Apple - uhhh, where do i start ? - i love and hate this company. I love the stability and integration on any device they have made, but the tendency to stick to proprietary solutions is just freaking annoying - "iTunes: one two three countries can use it, outside US happens nothing - have they invented money out there yet? iPhone: let's make them suffer and stick to the stinking bigass operators - no unlocked version - and don't try to improve the shiny shit - we own it ! iTouch: let's put freakin big nice display, but let's cut the storage space and forbid them to connect to our own iTunes sharing... what's an email ? no the wifi is just for a few things - oh, and let's put the iTunes store crap on it and waste our time on making it available through coffee shops - Leopard can wait, nahhhh... "
They let you taste the paradise - they let your imagination run wild until you hit that red brick wall. And it is not that they couldn't - they could, but : "Hey if they get all at once they won't come back for more shit".

Aaaargh! ... i'm tired of disappointment...

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