Sophie Zelmani - A Decade Of Dreams

Kas var būt jaukāks par to, kas neierakstās nekādos rāmjos, bet tomēr ir varen patīkams un klausāms


I can wake up to a bad day
I know how to go from there
But you
I can't handle

It's not that you're not welcome
You're amazing in my eyes
It's me that change too much
around you

You are one of those people

I can think of a million reasons
and times when I should
shut my mouth
But I feel like a fool
around you

You are one of those people
that just ain't good for everyone
I have nothing against you people
But I don't like what I become

We will never know each other
It's not much to cry about
But when I get so strange around you
might be something to work out

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