My tribute to … his Steveness

Back on 16th of september of 2005 i sold my IBM Thinkpad - i was furious at computers and software - and said "Either the Macintosh makes it for me or i'm done with computers for good". Three days later i got my iBook G4 which was not so easy to buy around here at that time. Since the moment i opened the box i knew ... i am in love. In love with a machine. During this time i have extensively used only the iBook and my Macbook Pro Intel. But I've had "one-night-stands" with various Apple machines, and every single machine has been a delight to do business with. My IT life currently is owned by Apple. And the reason for that is as simple as .. It ... Just ... Works. I don't want to exaggerate - there have been, of course, problems on the way, but once you get over them you love your Mac even more. And all this thanks to a visionary who knew where to go even before we had a slightest hunch where this should lead.


... my heart goes out to all of my fellow apple addictees. 


Rest in peace, your majesty.


P.S. Notice how in this 1997 WWDC chat with developers Steve already talks about TimeMachine and iCloud and how he doesn't give a crap for how a presentation should be led...


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